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'Walking Dead' Star Norman Reedus Opens Up About 'Terrifying' On-Set Injury: 'I Thought I Was Going To Die'

'Walking Dead' Star Norman Reedus Opens Up About 'Terrifying' On-Set Injury: 'I Thought I Was Going To Die'
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus elaborated on his on-set injury from earlier this year.

The actor—who suffered a concussion—told EW it was more serious than publicized.

“It was very serious. It was scary."
"I’ve been hit in the face and the head a million times."
"I’ve gone through car windows, but that one rung my bell.”

Reedus' concussion on March 11 was so severe he needed to spend weeks in the hospital.

There were few details about the incident, which suggested to the media and public Reedus was merely taking his time to recover.

The actor—whose scenes had to be completed by a stand-in while he recovered—begs to differ.

“I had a neurologist. I had all sorts of sh*t."
“I failed the light test. I had a security guard in the driveway, just in case."
"I was holding onto the walls walking through the rooms. It was nuts.”

Full details on how Reedus sustained such a serious injury have not been released.

Reactions to Reedus' revelation about the scale of his injuries expressed concern for his well being and hope for his continued recovery.

One person commented on the severity of concussions which are often dismissed as minor when they can be life altering or even fatal.

Back in March after his initial injury, someone else commented the same.

There was an outpouring of support for Reedus.

Reedus seems to have recovered fully, but it was definitely more difficult than it seemed.

Here's to continued good health for Norman Reedus.