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The U.S. Olympic Team's Closing Ceremony Outfits Were Just Unveiled—And People Aren't Impressed

The U.S. Olympic Team's Closing Ceremony Outfits Were Just Unveiled—And People Aren't Impressed
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images; @Shezaspinner/Twitter

Well, the attire for the postponed 2020 Summer Olympics finally dropped, and it seems Team USA was not dressed to impress.

Designed by fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, as they have been for several years, the apparel proved to be less of a show-stopper and more of a clock-stopper.

The outfits are almost completely white: a white polo, a white jacket with navy blue neck interior and the Olympics and Ralph Lauren logos, and white pants that say "Team USA" and "2020" on them.

Others noted the 6 models are mostly White despite the diversity of Team USA athletes, and even the staging of the photographs seems set back in the '80s for Benetton or The Gap.

You can view the apparel reveal here:

To say Twitter was underwhelmed by the extremely white clothing line would be an understatement.

Given the year everyone had, as well as the delays Olympic fans experienced because of the pandemic, the internet was surely expecting a tremendous reveal.

But it seems what Ralph Lauren had in store for everyone back in 2020 at the original release date wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Some were overwhelmingly bored.

Others found the display problematic.

Some got "frat boy" or "expensive yacht" vibes.

And some responses were vicious.

A few went straight for the whole Draco Malfoy mood and said, "Wait until I tell my father about this!"

This was the proposed attire for the 2020 Olympics, delayed because of the pandemic. Talk about a tremendous let-down for Olympic fans.

Hopefully, Team USA saw more of a silver lining for the clothes.

Another set, the team's opening ceremony attire is scheduled to premiere in early July, prior to the ceremony on July 23.

Maybe the color "white" won't be the main team player this time. Maybe the outfits won't look quite so boaty.

At the very least, maybe we won't get such strong grandfather vibes from the next line. We can't wait to see what Ralph Lauren rolls out at that time.

Or maybe we can?