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Guy Who Adopted Puppy After Woman Threw It At Him Shares Heartwarming Update A Year Later

Guy Who Adopted Puppy After Woman Threw It At Him Shares Heartwarming Update A Year Later

A man on TikTok has gone viral with his heartwarming video showing an update on the dog he rescued during an altercation one year ago.

Last week, rapper and TikToker @Mulaflare posted a video giving a small glimpse into the dire situation from which he saved the puppy, who he named Movie. The video shows the puppy's original owner harassing Mulaflare in the street at length with physical threats and racist comments, before finally escalating to hurling the puppy at him.

But now, thankfully, as the video shows, Movie is a happy, healthy, and incredibly smart dog who loves her new owner and seems to be loving life.

See Mulaflare's update below.


It’s already been a year since dis crackhead threw da dog ... movies doin good doe #crackhead #movieflare #mulaflare #throwdog #throwsdog

The original incident resulting in Movie and Mulaflare meeting almost exactly one year ago is graphic and deeply disturbing.

Visibly impaired and stumbling around the street as she harasses Mulaflare, Movie's original owner stared at him with unblinking, dilated eyes and spoke with slurred speech as she tried to both hit and kick him. She then moved on to racist comments and spat at him, all the while digging her fingernails into Movie's small body.

Her harassment of Mulaflare escalated until she hurled the puppy at him, who slammed into the pavement and began screaming in pain before scrambling to Mulaflare for protection, hiding between his feet. The heartbreaking video gives a terrifying glimpse into just how much danger Movie was in before her previous owner and Mulaflare crossed paths.

But as Mulaflare's update and several other videos on his TikTok account show, Movie is now a happy, healthy dog living the good life with a loving owner, as all dogs should. And she's smart as a whip too, trained to know all sorts of commands.

On TikTok, people were deeply moved by Movie's happy ending, and applauded Mulaflare for saving her.










Here's hoping Movie and Mulaflare enjoy a many more happy years together.