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Ukrainian Mom Horrified To Find Grenade Left By Russian Soldiers Inside Her Daughter's Piano

Ukrainian Mom Horrified To Find Grenade Left By Russian Soldiers Inside Her Daughter's Piano
Mariana Hlieva/Facebook

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which officially began back in February 2022, continues.

The people of Bucha, Ukraine, recently were able to return to their homes after the town had been invaded and taken by Russian soldiers. The soldiers moved on from the area but not before leaving behind some threatening reminders of their presence.

After returning to their homes, it was only natural for families to look about their houses for things that might have been taken or broken by the soldiers who had been occupying them.

The mother of one Bucha-based family, Tatiana Monko, noticed something strange about their family piano.

Monko's daughter, Dashunya, is passionate about playing the piano, and the top of the piano is lined with trophies that represent her accomplishments, as well as items and heirlooms that are sentimental to their family.

Monko noticed the trinkets and trophies on top of the piano were touching, which was out of the ordinary, and they also were not in the correct order the family had meaningfully placed them in.

Confirming her suspicions, several of the keys at the center of the piano would not press down.

This bothered Monko, so the family decided to carefully remove the items from the top of the piano and look inside.

Monko reflected:

"I tell my husband, 'There is something there.' We had suspicions about them planting bombs before. My husband mentioned that the awards on the shelf were placed in the wrong order."

What they found would have terrified anyone. Inside the piano was a round from a VOG-25P grenade launcher.

Monko shared two images of the piano, which were later shared by Mariana Hlieva on Facebook.

Hlieva was angry and captioned the post (translated to English):

"This is the piano of a girl from Buchi. Russian soldiers [hid] explosives, carefully placing the awards back. Probably had time and inspiration."
"Well done, Tchaikovsky and Putin, good descendants have been raised, competent and inventive."

Monko was furious after making the discovery.

"This photo symbolizes the ugliness of those who attacked us. And... not only the leaders of their state, because it was done by ordinary people who enjoy the murders of Ukrainians. This is a real genocide."
"It is horrible that the world is trying to bargain with Russia, not realizing that their price is our lives."
"This act, that they left an explosive for a talented child, it speaks for itself."
"This war is for our right to live on our land. That is what we are fighting for today... And in the end, we will win!"

The internet was disturbed by the discovery.

Though we have no idea how long this conflict will last, it's clear there are many people who are firmly against the behaviors being performed by a select few.

As long as people keep speaking out against acts like this, hopefully, we will start seeing progress.

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