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People Are Revealing Some Of Their Favorite Weird (And Disgusting) Food Combinations

Twitter user/world super-criminal La Bronze James went online to ask his followers a question that would reveal some of the worst things humanity has ever seen.

She asked:

"What are your favorite weird food combinations?"

That's when Twitter started burning to the ground.

La Bronze offered her own weird combo: MUSTARD in YOGURT.

Not even her closest friends could get on board with La Bronze's weird food preference.

That's when other Twitter users began offering up their own strange desires:

Some were received better than others...

...but, true to the prompt, every single one of them was very, VERY weird.

Honestly, these go way too far.

Please. Stop.

We are calling the police to report crimes against humanity.

These just can't be true...

Well, now you've all done it. The police are here to throw you in food prison.

I hope you're happy. May we never have this conversation again.