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Woman Sparks Fiery Debate After Getting Some Petty Revenge On Neighbor Boy Who Dumped Water On Her Cat

Woman Sparks Fiery Debate After Getting Some Petty Revenge On Neighbor Boy Who Dumped Water On Her Cat
Nils Jacobi/Getty Images

Someone on Twitter named Shannon just learned an important pandemic fact.

You can have a whole adventure within your own home.

Shannon's saga began with a cup of water.

Her neighbor—a "10-year-old kid," in her estimation—tossed some water on Shannon's cat and ran away giggling.

The cat was just sitting on the fence, basking in the glory of being a cat on a fence when BOOM, liquids.

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But this cat would get the last laugh.

Cat mama Shannon evidently does not take rascals lightly. She launched some eye-for-an-eye justice against the water throwing child.

But of course, then the grown-ups got involved and shut the water war down.

She recounted it all in a brief tweet, which completely blew up. It was Retweeted almost 80 million times.

A second tweet assured that the dad wasn't safe himself. His fatherly allegiance threatened to land him in the crossfire.

Many Twitter comments shared her very casual approach to dousing the kid with water.

Others were focused on the way priorities played out in her story. They shared her high regard for cats and lower regard for 10-year-olds with cups of water.

Those pro-cat replies eventually received some reward for their supportive efforts when Shannon post yet another update, this on a photo of the cat in question.


Others on Twitter advised she up the ante and respond even more harshly.

As for the parents of Twitter, opinions differed about her approach to teaching a lesson.

Shannon responded to the debate with an update to calm the nerves.

And finally, no modern twitter spat is complete without one relevant 2020 meme appearance.

So next time some strange drama erupts in the course of your life at home, don't ever be hasty and decide it's not worth posting on the internet. Clearly, a willing audience is around for even the smallest events.