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Trans Twitch Streamer Forced To Switch Hotels After Harassers Discover Where She's Staying Based On One Photo

Trans Twitch Streamer Forced To Switch Hotels After Harassers Discover Where She's Staying Based On One Photo

The ongoing harassment of a trans Twitch streamer escalated and caused her to switch hotels after online trolls tracked her down. Clara Sorrenti, known as Keffals online, shared she continued to be harassed after being the victim of a swatting in London, Ontario.

It was only a few hours after Sorrenti shared an image of her cat at the hotel she was staying at with her fiancé when transphobic trolls online were able to piece together which hotel it was.

It took the trolls less than six hours.

Earlier this month, Sorrenti was arrested after online harassers sent death threats to local politicians posing as her. The swatting ended up causing the Canadian streamer to hide by staying at a hotel.

While there, Sorrenti shared a picture of her cat on the bed to show she was safe, with almost no identifying information. However, members of the website, an infamous website whose members harass and threaten targets with abuse, were able to piece together which hotel Sorrenti was staying at based on just the sheets from the bed.

Just six hours after posting the picture, Sorrenti started getting deliveries of pizzas and other food to her room using her dead name.

She shared a video update about the situation.

Police started investigating the situation too.

Investigators have been keeping in touch with Sorrenti after the swatting incident and took this new incident under consideration. has been infamous for their targeted online harassment. This is especially true of any transgender activists.

The website was started to harass a webcomic artist, then grew into a powerhouse of online threats. There have been calls for website hosts to stop doing business with

This includes Cloudflare, the hosting space provider.

Sorrenti is a controversial figure in the trans community due to some problematic comments.

However her critics have also denounced the acts perpetrated by and other transphobic trolls.

People are trying to defend trans rights in the face of anonymous harassment.

Sorrenti is planning to switch hotels every week until she can get out of the country. Ontario law enforcement are continuing their investigation into the situation.

Sorrenti had been banned from streaming on Twitch after discussing LGBTQ+ rights. The site has been accused of failing to support the community.