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Tucker Carlson Has Total Hissy Fit After Guest Corrects His Pronunciation Of 'Kamala Harris'

Fox News

America's most successful racist to lose Dancing with the Stars, Tucker Carlson, wasn't happy about Democratic nominee Joe Biden's selection of Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate in the 2020 election.

On his primetime Fox News slot, Carlson repeatedly pronounces Harris's name incorrectly, saying "CAM-uh-luh."

In her memoir, Harris explains that her first name is pronounced "comma-la."

As a host who rants nightly about a so-called lack of journalistic integrity, some might expect Carlson to correct himself for the sake of accuracy.

But when guest Richard Goodstein gently corrected Carlson's pronunciation, the host's face reddened even more than its natural state, and soon Carlson sounded like one of the imaginary hypersensitive college students he says are taking over the United States.

Watch below.

After Goodstein gently said he may want to pronounce her name correctly out of respect for a Vice Presidential candidate, Carlson exclaimed:

"So I'm disrespecting her by mispronouncing her name unintentionally. So it begins. You're not allowed to criticize [Kuh-MAH-la] Harris or Kamala Harris or whatever. Okay, I unintentionally mispronounced her name, but I love the idea that she's immune from criticism."

Carlson saw pressure to correctly pronounce a candidate's name as shielding the Senator from criticism.

People thought that was just wild.

Some gave Carlson a taste of his own medicine.

Carlson has at least three months—and potentially four years—to learn how to pronounce the name correctly.