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Tucker Carlson Slammed For Suggesting Kamala Harris Planted Pipe Bomb Near DNC Headquarters

Tucker Carlson Slammed For Suggesting Kamala Harris Planted Pipe Bomb Near DNC Headquarters
Fox News

Far-right Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson is once again under fire for spreading January 6 misinformation on his show Tucker Carlson Tonight, and this time it's the Vice President who is his target.

On a recent segment of his show, Carlson discussed the still-unsolved crime involving pipe bombs that were set outside the headquarters of both the Democratic and Republican National Committees on January 6.

As yet, no agency has been able to determine who set the bombs. But in the case of the DNC bomb, Carlson thinks he's cracked the case: Since Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris was at the DNC headquarters during the January 6 insurrection, it must have been her.

See the absurd segment below.

Carlson's segment comes as questions swirl about the revelation last month that Harris was not only at the DNC headquarters on January 6 for two hours before the bomb was discovered, but passed within just a few yards of the bomb on her way into the building.

Carlson began his fabulation by questioning why this information was only recently released.

“[This is] kind of a big deal. Why haven’t we heard that before?” Carlson said. “And why didn’t the Justice Department know? Why did the DOJ think Kamala Harris was at the Capitol?”

The most likely answer is that the Vice President's whereabouts on January 6 was probably classified information due to the ongoing investigation.

But Carlson, of course, sees something far more nefarious in all of this.

“It’s not like Kamala Harris hasn’t talked about January 6... In fact, just last month she gave a speech in which she said that January 6 was ... traumatic..."
"So it would have been the perfect moment for Kamala Harris to tell us that she herself came within mere feet of a racist insurrectionist bomb... But she never mentioned that--that she was right near the bomb."

You can probably guess where Carlson went next.

“What is strange is that of all the places Kamala Harris could have gone at 11:30 am on January 6, she went to the DNC building, where her bodyguards promptly discovered the pipe bomb...
"...So if the bomb was planted by a Trump supporter as a diversion, as the Capitol Police have said, you've gotta wonder how exactly that worked. Would a Trump supporter have known where Kamala Harris was going to be that morning?..."
"...It's fair to assume that if Kamala Harris hadn't gone to the DNC when she went, the pipe bomb wouldn't have been discovered... In other words... the bomb couldn't have been the diversion that the Capitol Police Department said it was."
"It's all pretty mysterious, actually."

No, it's not really mysterious at all Tucker, your theory is just absurd and nonsensical. Cool story though, your audience will surely love it.

On Twitter, people were astonished at Carlson's implication.

We may never know who set the pipe bombs outside the DNC and RNC, but many people on the internet, especially on TikTok, think it was Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

I'm not saying, but people are saying.

That's just an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory though, just like nearly everything Carlson says on his show.