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Awkward Viral Video Of Trump And His Umbrella Has People Calling It The Ultimate Metaphor

Fox News video, @cathiejoy/Twitter

As we all know, Donald Trump and umbrellas have a long, complicated history.

Whether it is ignoring his wife and son, or fighting a wayward umbrella in the wind, Trump has not had the easiest of time managing these super complicated devices. Now, it seems, the President has lost all respect for umbrellas and has no problem ditching them when their usefulness is over.

On Saturday, Trump was boarding Air Force One when he either could not figure out how to close his umbrella or he could not be bothered and simply left it for someone else to take care of. Either way it was quite a reminder of the lavish and privileged lifestyle Trump was raised in.

People took to social media to point out the metaphor.

We kind of feel sorry for the abandoned umbrella, or maybe that is just us projecting how we feel.

At least we are not alone.

It means so much more!

Do not even get us started on the whole saluting thing.

H/T: Mashable, Indy100