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Trump Just Tried To Take Credit For A Law Obama Signed Back In 2014, But Twitter Had The Receipts

JEFF KOWALSKY / Contributor / Getty Images, Scott Olson / Staff / Getty Images

We know that he lies.

We know that his lies know no bounds.

Now we know that President Trump will dredge up 5-year-old history to claim as his own.

On December 20, Donald Trump claimed that he was the President responsible for signing the legislation, Veterans Choice.

Veterans Choice allows veterans to see doctors outside of the Veteran's Affairs system, giving our service men and women more freedom and choice when it comes to their healthcare. The law was actually signed by President Obama and was co-sponsored by Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, and the late John McCain.

To make it even worse, Trump originally claimed responsibility for the piece of legislation back in March of this year. He originally spoke about his supposed involvement with Veterans Choice by low-key slandering the late Senator.

"McCain didn't get the job done for our great vets and the VA, and they knew it."

Bizarrely, Trump drudged up the past by tweeting that signing Veterans Choice into legislation was one of his accomplishments of 2018.

However Vox's Aaron Ruper called the President out on that claim back when he originally made it.

Another Tweet directed the President to AP News' fact check of the same claim.

The rest of Twitter did not hold back on reminding the President of the the actual facts instead of his alternative ones.

Nothing like some good old-fashioned lies to land someone on the naughty list.

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