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Trump Supporters Went Into A Frenzy After Tom Hanks Appeared To Delete 3 Years Of Tweets—Except He Didn't

Dominik Bindi/Getty Images

It's hard to understand anything about a conspiracy theory from the outside.

For instance, due to a Twitter glitch this past weekend, several years of tweets from beloved actor Tom Hanks disappeared from the internet.

Though the tweets reappeared a day after their disappearance, many far-right QAnon conspiracy theorists online believed the entertainer had deleted his posts on purpose.

And why was Tom Hanks deleting all of his tweets, according to Twitter's conspiracy believers?

Because he's part of a secret cult of cannibalistic pedophiles of course.

It hardly even needs to be stated that there is absolutely no evidence in support of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Hanks's tweets also reappeared the next day.

Of course, no amount of facts could stop the internet's misguided believers from suggesting Hanks had deleted his tweets to hide some nefarious scheme.

Also, Tom Hanks should be allowed to delete tweets without being accused of cannibalism.

QAnon seemed genuinely excited about the disappearance of Hanks's tweets.

One can only imagine their disappointment once they popped back onto the actor's feed.

This incident serves as a gentle reminder that conspiracy theories are almost always nonsense and can, in the case of extreme ones like QAnon, cross the line into dangerous at a moment's notice.

We must always be checking our facts and confirming the truth from veritable sources.