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Tom Hanks Slams Ad As 'Intentional Hoax' After It Claims He Endorses CBD Company's Products

If you thought Tom Hanks trying to sell CBD seemed a bit strange to be true,'d be right.

On his social media profiles, universally beloved actor Tom Hanks debunked a fake ad for CBD oil, a cannabis product, which featured an endorsement from both him and Doctor Oz.

The ad for the product, called CANNAPRO CBD, claimed that it was developed by Dr. Oz and helped get Tom Hanks back in the groove. The only problem, of course, was that Tom Hanks has never actually tried it, nor has he ever left the groove.

Dr. Oz also confirmed on Twitter he didn't have any part in the product's development.

Twitter had Hanks's back.

Tom Hanks endorsements may be something to look out for in the future...

Just imagine if Tom Hanks did get behind a brand of weed though...

Many people felt bad that anyone would try to take advantage of the famously polite actor.

What better way to react to news from Tom Hanks than with a GIF of Tom Hanks.

Time to cancel your orders, Hanks fans!

The next great product to hit the shelves: a high-quality bong endorsed by Dame Judi Dench!