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Trump Supporter Gets An Instant Dose Of Karma After Smacking Woman's Phone At Airport


A Trump supporter assaulted a woman at an airport and immediately regretted it.

A video was posted online by Twitter user @davenewworld_2 that shows a Trump supporter losing her cool and receiving instant karma afterwards.

The incident, which occurred at the Phoenix Airport in Arizona, involved a woman waving around a flag of former President Donald Trump.

The flag was huge, blue, and had "TRUMP/ Make America Great Again" written on it.

Trump, known for being an ultra-conservative with ties to multiple far-right conspiracy theories and cults such as the infamous QAnon, was running for re-election in 2020 when his attempts at a second term were thwarted by current President Joe Biden.

Trump's re-election loss led to multiple violent outbursts by his supporters, includingβ€”but not limited toβ€”the Capitol riot that took place on January 6 in Washington, DC.

In the video posted to Twitter, it seems a Trump supporter chose to carry and display the quite large flag, which led to multiple people around the woman recording videos of her to post to social media.

This caused the woman to physically retaliate.

Watch the video here:

The video showed the woman holding the flag around herself, before she walked up to a blonde woman who seemed to be recording her.

The Trump supporter then asked the woman:

"Are you recording me?"

The blonde woman did not respond.

Then the Trump supporter asked her, several times:

"Do you have permission to record me?"
"Do you have permission to record me?"
"Do you have permission to record me?"

The Trumper asked, yet again:

"Do you have record me?"

Then, the Trump supporter smacked the phone out of the blonde woman's hand.

The MAGA minion faced instant karma for her actions.

After she smacked the phone out of the blonde woman's hand, two security officers walked into shot as one gave a sharp retort.

The officer said:

"You do not have permission to smack people's phones."

To which the Trumper responded:

"I don't care!"
"She don't have permission to record me!"

The officers restrained the Trumper and arrested her, which the Trumper brushed off.

She said:

"That's OK! I already have a lawsuit!"

Twitter users pointed out there's no law against recording people in public.

The video, which only spans about 30 seconds, has already gone viral and garnered over 690,000 views.