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Trump Dodges Supporter's Question About His 'Bullying' Language By Claiming That He's Treated Worse Than Lincoln

During a Fox News virtual town hall on Sunday, May 3, President Donald Trump responded to one of his supporters.

They asked why he uses "bullying" language.

Carolyn Perkins is a Trump supporter who "prays for the President every day."

She wondered why he chooses to attack the press instead of touting his accomplishments.

He responded by saying he's been treated worse than Abraham Lincoln.

Trump may have forgotten just how badly Abraham Lincoln was treated.

His ignorance was even more glaring while sitting under the watchful gaze of the Lincoln memorial.

Trump's claim was completely ignored by the Fox News hosts asking questions.

Regardless of his answer, many thought that Trump's nakedly political town hall should never have been allowed inside the Lincoln memorial.

Trump may have conveniently forgotten that half the states responded to Lincoln's election by seceding from the union so they could continue to own other people as slaves.

It seems President Trump doesn't have a good answer to his supporters question. If only it had reminded him of the example of presidential behavior from the person whose memorial on which he sat.

The documentary American Experience: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln is available here.