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Crowd Erupts In Cheers As Trump Supporter Says LGBTQ+ Allies 'Need To Be Shot Dead In The Streets'


A Trump rally in Salem, Oregon took a nasty turn when one speaker, screaming through a mega-phone, called for the murder of LGBTQ+ allies.

The most disturbing thing about the incident, however, was that the gathered crowd appeared to be cheering after the unstable speaker said:

"Democrat leaders need to be shot dead."

You can watch video of the incident, shared on Twitter, below.

Twitter was disgusted and disturbed by the rally footage.

A frightening strain of extremist violence has been growing on the far right for many years.

President Donald Trump has continued to give violent groups a pass and even support if they're on his side politically.

Threats like this should be denounced at every level by every self-respecting politician.

Whichever side is calling for the death of a minority or marginalized group or those who support their right to exist is historically the wrong side to be on.

This sort of hateful rhetoric has been on the rise ever since President Trump took office and it causes real harm to real people.

We must continue to make it clear these attitudes are unwelcome in a civilized society.