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Parents Quickly Correct Kid At Trump Rally Who Tells Reporter He's Excited 'To See Joe Biden'

Parents Quickly Correct Kid At Trump Rally Who Tells Reporter He's Excited 'To See Joe Biden'

In a clip that has since gone viral, parents attending a MAGA rally for former Republican President Donald Trump held in Selma, North Carolina over the weekend corrected their child after he told a reporter he was excited "to see Joe Biden."

The video, captured by the right-wing Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), shows a reporter asking a woman to describe her excitement ahead of the Trump rally, to which the woman claims her young son was the one who "told" her about the rally in the first place.

The woman said her young son is "more excited [about the rally] than we are," referring to her other son and her husband, who are standing next to her. But when the reporter asked the boy to share what he's "excited for," he said it was "to see Biden," a declaration that prompted a correction from his parents.

You can view the exchange in the video below.

Those who watched the exchange suggested it was a perfect example of parents indoctrinating their children to accept the former President and his ideology, despite concerns from critics who've said this same ideology has inflamed racial hostilities.

Others thought the exchange was hilarious.

Although President Joe Biden did not, of course, make an appearance at the Trump rally, he was often the topic of conversation. North Carolina Republican Representative Madison Cawthorn, who gave a speech, accused Biden of "dereliction of duty."

Trump himself continued to promote a number of false or misleading claims about the integrity of the 2020 general election as well as the Biden administration's objectives, at one point asserting without evidence that schools are trying to replace “reading and math with pronouns and gender study.”

Conspiracy theories ran rampant at the rally, which Trump used to endorse Republican candidates for the May 17 primaries, including Representative Ted Budd for the Senate and Representatives Cawthorn and Bo Hines for the House.

A woman who spoke to RSBN claimed that Democrats "are importing" children from Mexico for sexual exploitation. She added that Trump's supporters are "waiting for either God or the aliens" or even "a nuke" to handle what the RSBN reporter referred to as "all of this evil."

Another Trump supporter insisted that authorities are trying to "suppress" video footage "that's all on people's TikToks and stuff, where they had Antifa members inside the White House," alleging that it was not in fact the former President's supporters who rioted on January 6, 2021, though he failed to note that the attack was against the Capitol Building and not the White House.