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Trump Official Slammed For Mocking Biden As He Was Visiting His Son's Grave On Election Day

Trump Official Slammed For Mocking Biden As He Was Visiting His Son's Grave On Election Day
Peter Zay / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images; Drew Angerer / Getty Images

As Election Day started in the United States, and many felt their stomachs turn with a nervous anticipation, many looked to the morning plans of the candidates.

Democratic nominee, Joe Biden spent the morning visiting his church and the grave of his son, Beau. It was a somber moment, away from the press, before what would likely be a tough and complicated election process.

However, one campaign official for Donald Trump saw it as an opportunity for a joke.

The above tweet is from Hogan Gidley, national press secretary for Trump's re-election, asking if Biden called a "lid".

Calling a "lid" means to cut off access to the press and journalists for the rest of the day. It's a fairly normal, and normally innocuous phrase, that changes in reference to Biden.

For the last two months, some have said that Biden has called a lid very early on in the day many times. Over the course of September and October, Biden called a lid before noon on eleven different days.

Because of this, in right wing circles, it's become a meme to make fun of Biden calling a lid on the day.

So yes, Gidley made a joke about Biden while the latter was literally at the grave of his son.

Gidley has never been the most prominent member of Trump's campaign, but tends to pop up when controversy arises. Just a week ago, after the White House claimed it had ended the pandemic, Gidley tried to weasel out of answering a question about it.

CNN brought up the claim that President Donald Trump ended the pandemic and asked for Gidley's response. The campaign official tried to argue that it was a difference of "semantics" and seemed visibly uncomfortable being confronted with this lie.

At the same time Biden was at church, Trump was 45 minutes late to a call on Fox & Friends. The president's appearance on the show consisted of just his voice, but many bemoaned his rant, saying he sounded exhausted or sick.

The rant itself consisted of repeated talking points about the size of his rallies, and complaining that Fox's coverage wasn't as positive to him as he'd like.

It was all too easy for people to compare the candidates' actions.

At the time of writing, the election has not been called one way or the other. Battleground states are being counted, and the results will have to wait to be seen.

Hopefully we don't have any more ghoulish responses from Trump's campaign before then.