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Trump Is Getting Dragged After Appearing Not To Realize How Many States There Are During Rally Speech

FOX 10 Phoenix/YouTube

As children, most in the United States will learn the names and capitals of the 50 states.

Decades later, some people can still name them all.

Some people?

They may not know how many states there are. But is the President of the United States, Donald Trump part of the former or the latter?

After a MAGA rally in Bossier City, Louisiana on Thursday, people are leaning towards lumping Trump in with the "doesn't know how many states there are" group. While speaking to the crowd, Trump initially said Louisiana was doing poorly economically.

But then he reconsidered his stance and added:

"Look, the whole country is doing great. We're having a great great surge like we've never had in history."
"Our country is the strongest it's ever been. But you're ranked number 50 on economic development."
"So you're doing fine, but you're not doing like you should be doing."

In a country with 50 states, any state ranked 50th on economic development is dead last.

How is that "doing fine"?

There is no state doing worse. Which lead to speculation that maybe the President isn't aware of how many states there are.

Watch Trump's remarks here:

He could be saying everything is so great, tremendous, bigly that even 50th is good.


To be fair, when President Trump was born, there were only 48 states.

Alaska and Hawaii wouldn't join the USA until he was 13 years oldβ€”which could explain why he didn't know someone born in Hawaii is a United States citizen. And he did forget Puerto Rico is a US territory making him the President of Puerto Rico.

Maybe someone can get him a map?

And a Sharpie?


Never mind, he's got it covered.

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