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Don Jr. Mocks The Left By Suggesting Vaccine Cards Be A Requirement To Vote—And It Backfires Instantly

Don Jr. Mocks The Left By Suggesting Vaccine Cards Be A Requirement To Vote—And It Backfires Instantly
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

A recent Twitter post by Donald Trump Jr. was met with a resounding round of support- from the left.

It all began when the oldest son of former President Donald Trump retweeted a tweet from Republican Author Ryan James Girdusky, claiming hypocrisy from the left for saying you should need proof of vaccination to go out in public, but you shouldn't need ID to vote.

When the former President's first-born retweeted Girdusky's tweet, he suggested something of a combination of the two, that everyone should be required to show proof of vaccination in order to vote.

The younger Trump predicted that the brains of the Democrats would "malfunction and explode" at this concept.

He wasn't exactly wrong, as there was indeed an explosion on his Twitter feed, only it was an explosion of support from his left-wing adversaries, expressing their approval of the concept.

The Tweet comes while much of the country has seen considerable spikes in new cases of Covid-19, owing to the highly contagious delta variant, with the majority of new cases being unvaccinated individuals.

The states that have shown the most significant increase in new cases are predominantly red states, with Florida, Missouri and Texas responsible for 40% of new covid cases in the united states.

A recent poll by CBS News has shown that 71% of Democrats have already have or intend to have the Covid-19 vaccine, considerably higher than the 47% of Republicans who either have or will.

Trump Jr. made an attempt at damage control, mocking everyone who supported his earlier idea for now apparently showing support for voter suppression.

He replied to his own tweet saying:

"I make a joke about an obviously crazy idea to highlight the hypocrisy of the left, but these authoritarian libs are so unhinged and braindead, that they of course think #VaxToVote is a good idea. You can't make this s**t up!

Though, once again, it was the left who were eager to respond to his tweet, be it to continue to show support in what they believe was a good idea, or just to make fun of the former First Child.

Two astute followers on both threads pointed out the key difference in requiring proof of vaccination as opposed to a photo ID.

Receiving a Covid-19 vaccination is completely free and available to anyone, whereas asking someone to show proof of identification as opposed to a voter registration card has widely been viewed as racist and discriminatory of poor communities.

While Don Jr.'s father remains banned from Twitter, it's not hard to imagine the Democratic party now hopes the younger Trump remains active on Twitter, as he may only continue to help their cause.