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Don Jr. Shared The Cringiest Photoshopped Image Of His Dad For Presidents' Day—And Yikes

Don Jr. Shared The Cringiest Photoshopped Image Of His Dad For Presidents' Day—And Yikes
Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Former Republican President Donald Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. is back with another wildly embarrassing social media post, and this one came just in time for President's Day.

The holiday was the theme of Jr's post in fact, which sought to honor his father with a special presidential-themed Photoshop that is pure, unmitigated nightmare fuel.

In the photo, Trump's face is Photoshopped on George Washington's and—well, see for yourself if you dare.

Trump Jr. captioned the photo, "The greatest president!!! Thoughts? 😉" And, yes, we have quite a few thoughts actually!

First of all, if honoring the man you think is "The greatest president!!!" was the goal then why on Earth did you choose this Instagram-filter looking mess to do it? Nothing says Happy President's Day like Photoshopping your dad's face and not even bothering to try to make it look remotely realistic, or normal, or even particularly human.

Even for him, though, this Photoshop is really next-level terrible. It looks like Trump accidentally walked into the back of the painting and his face broke through the canvas. It also looks like a very disgruntled former First Lady Barbara Bush.

Presumably that was not what Jr. was going for in this instantly infamous work. But then Trump's eldest failson has practically made deeply weird, unbearably cringe social media posts a second career, so we probably shouldn't be surprised. Our expectations should probably be and remain in the basement.

Anyway, far-right Republican fanboys of Jr.'s dad of course loved the Instagram post, like Montana politician Braxton Mitchell, who commented on:

"President’s Day is cancelled this year because we currently don’t have one! Bring Back Trump! 🇺🇸"

Oh brother.

On Instagram, people absolutely loved Jr.'s weird post. But on Twitter, it was a very different story.

We look forward to seeing what Jr. comes up with next to honor his father, perhaps his dad photoshopped onto the Easter Bunny's face with an Easter basket hanging from his giant rabbit teeth.