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Trump's Job Approval Rating Took A Massive Nosedive In Just The Last Month According To New Gallup Poll

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In the wake of nationwide protests and the economic fallout caused by the global pandemic, President Trump's approval numbers have dropped to a startlingly low point in the summer before an election.

According to a new Gallup poll, Trump's approval rating is now at 39%, a ten point drop from his personal record of 49% in May.

Though President Trump has never broken above 50% job approval, he's enjoyed a steady base of supporters who generally keep his rates hovering around 40%.

Though the 5% of Democrats who approve of Trump's work as President isn't surprising, more notable are his drops in approval among Republicans and Independents. The President's approval from both of these groups has dropped 7%.

The only two incumbent Presidents who have recorded polling numbers in the thirties the June before reelection, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush, were voted out after their first terms.

Some have speculated that the President's mishandling of the global pandemic combined with his choice to deploy the military against citizens protesting police brutality might have had a negative impact on his polling numbers.

Others were quick to point out, however, that Gallup's poll was conducted from May 28 and June 4, prior to the publication of better-than-expected jobs reports from May. Some suspect that Trump's approval numbers might begin moving upward again once the nation's economy begins reopening.

That having been said, the number of people who approve of Trump's handling of the economy has also decreased from 63% to 47%, one of the lowest points of his time in office.

President's Trump approval rating is sure to play an important role in the upcoming elections, which many believe will act as a referendum on his time in office.