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Trump Is Getting Roasted For Tweeting That He Would Never Say Anything 'Inappropriate' With A Foreign Leader

Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

President Donald Trump's unfettered, unscripted comments are...

...let's call them unusual for a sitting POTUS in an era when slavery and Native genocide are no longer official government policies.

However if you ask Trump, he has the best words.

Bigly covfefe words.

So when news that a whistleblower turned in the President for inappropriate comments made to a foreign leader, people immediately discounted the story, because that would never happen.

Just kidding.

Everyone wondered if it was him...


...or maybe him...


...or even this guy greeting Putin.


But Trump said 'not so fast, I barely know them.'

Actually the President took to his favorite communication method and banged out a presidential statement on par with the best speeches of Lincoln and Kennedy.

Oh, well, if he says so then...

Unfortunately for the President, his latest oddly almost completely properly spelled, capitalized and punctuated Twitter posts—it's almost as if Stephen Miller or another aide wrote them for him—did not sway the masses.

Some, like @KevinlyFather, made a few corrections to Trump's tweet.


Others disputed the I never say inappropriate things part with a reply to the President.

People came with receipts.

Maybe Trump saying something inappropriate is not outside the realm of possibility.


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