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CNN Fact-Checker Offers Damning Statistic About Trump's Honesty Leading Up To Election Day

Andadolu Agency/Getty Images

Danial Dale, CNN's fact-checking reporter, had an alarming revelation in the final weeks of the 2020 elections, one that seems almost too wild to be believed.

President Trump's "dishonesty is getting worse."

In a recent CNN article, Dale reported that during this past weekend's rallies, the President made "at least 66 separate false and misleading claims," many of which were repeated multiple times.

Dale wrote:

"For fact-checkers, the period from Friday through Sunday was one of the most challenging of Trump's entire presidency."

President Trump's lies from this past weekend touched upon subjects including the pandemic, mail-in ballots, his own record, the economy, foreign policy, Democrats, as well as countless unfounded attacks on Joe Biden.

Twitter was deeply disappointed with yet another weekend of dishonesty from the President.

Many expressed amazement that the President's lying could, indeed, click into a faster gear.

Telling the truth should be the bare minimum for an American President.

As of this past July, President Donald Trump has lied 20,000 times while in office, and the disregard for truth will likely continue until someone new sits in the Oval Office.