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CNN's Fact-Checker Just Revealed Trump's Biggest Tell When He Is About To Lie

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

With over 10,000 lies and counting since his inauguration in 2017, it can be overwhelming to discern when President Donald Trump is lying and when he's telling the truth.

Rest assured, CNN's lead fact checker, Daniel Dale, has a tip for how to tell when the President is in the middle of a falsehood.

Dale used a recent conversation between Trump and Fox News host Tucker Carlson to point out the Achilles' heel of Trump's poker face.

If you hear Trump say the word "sir," don't believe anything that comes after it.

Dale went on CNN host Brooke Baldwin's show to get the word out.

Trump's claim on Fox News flummoxes CNN fact checker

He went on to use some of Trump's recent baseless claims to Fox News host Tucker Carlson as an example.

Daniel Dale's tip has already led to a greater number of skeptics.

Others are making a point worth remembering.

Sir, we're so at ease with you as president.

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