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Trump Claims Californians Are 'Rioting' Over Sanctuary Cities—And Twitter Blasts Him For It

(Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

Trump continues to make outlandish claims with zero basis in reality. Is this how we should be prepared to be governed from now on, or will we ever return to normalcy?

Trump is back on the road, campaigning both for the 2018 midterms and also for his 2020 presidential candidate race. At a Nevada rally on Saturday, October 20th, Trump claimed that Californians were "rioting" in protest of sanctuary cities.

"A lot of people in California don't want sanctuary cities," Trump said. "They're rioting now; they wanna get out of their sanctuary cities ... They're demanding they be released from sanctuary cities."

This is, of course, not true. However, it is dangerous.

Some people are choosing to laugh it off:

But others are heeding how dangerous this rhetoric truly is.

Meanwhile, the word on the street in California is: no riots.

In fact, if there were riots, it would likely be for the opposite reason.

Though this lie seems ridiculous and like nobody will ever truly believe it, one should be on the lookout for signs of fascism at all times:

Stay aware and alert, everybody. Democracy is not a spectator sport--get out and vote on November 6th.

H.T: HuffPost, Twitter