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Trump Roasted After Bizarrely Joking That Las Vegas Could 'Someday Have An Ocean'

The former President raised eyebrows with a bizarre joke that someday the Nevada city could have an ocean coastline like his beloved Florida.

Donald Trump
Mario Tama/Getty Images

During a campaign stop in Las Vegas on Saturday, former Republican President Donald Trump suggested the ocean could eventually reach the landlocked desert city of Vegas.

MAGA supporters were heard cheering in response to the bizzare scenario, even though Vegas is located in the southern part of Nevada in the southwest region of the U.S.

It is also 2,001 ft. above sea level.

You can watch the clip of his speech below.

In his speech, Trump was taking jabs at Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis–who is requesting endorsements for a 2024 presidential nomination–and comparing the state of Nevada to the Sunshine State.

“And remember, Florida’s easier than other places, you have the ocean and you have the sun. There’s something about that that works."
"But—you have the sun, too, but you don’t have the ocean, I can tell."

He added:

"You definitely don’t have the ocean. Maybe someday you’ll have the ocean, you never know."

He remained optimistic for the people of Nevada and left them with:

“Someday. Hopefully, it’s a long time away, right? Hopefully."

Trump short-circuited the internet with his statement.

Others didn't hold back on their criticisms of the twice impeached, twice arraigned Trump.

Some were flummoxed over the reaction to the wildly imagined scenario.

Also at his pit stop in Sin City, Trump wagered:

"We are going to win that election, in numbers in the likes of someone you’ve never seen before."