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Trump Is Getting Dragged For Congratulating Himself Over The Whopping 11 Percent Unemployment Rate

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

When June's job numbers were published on Thursday, July 2, President Donald Trump held a press conference to brag about lowered unemployment rates.

Of course, that unemployment rate is still 11%, which would be cause for concern from any other President.

Pretty much everyone on Twitter ripped into President Trump, who neglected to acknowledge the June numbers were recorded two weeks prior to their publication.

In those two weeks, virus cases have spiked and many businesses have re-closed.

Meanwhile, the job numbers Trump was proud of also contained an ominous increase in permanent job losses.

Though the job numbers showed a step in the right direction for our country, to brag about them at this critical moment is almost irresponsible.

To many it seemed President Trump cares more about his own image than the American people.

Some urged Americans to not use the news as an excuse to disregard safety.

The President wants people to feel like the pandemic is over, but scientists everywhere insist that is not the case.