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Tree-Climbing Kid Sends 'Karen' Into A Rage With His Measured Response To Her Tantrum

Tree-Climbing Kid Sends 'Karen' Into A Rage With His Measured Response To Her Tantrum

What is it that provokes some White women to exercise all their dominance on people so much younger than them and so consistently?

We've by now seen the many, many, many examples of "Karens" launching into sudden tirades against teenagers in some public environment, usually a store, dining establishment, or a parking lot.

But a new trilogy of TikTok videos showed that even small children are liable to become victims of the chaotic, negative "Karen" energy we've unfortunately grown so familiar with thanks to countless viral videos across social media.

The three clips, filmed by one of the kids in the Karen's cross-hairs, were taken from high up in a tree. It was clear the young boys had climbed the tree, were passing time up there as kids do, and then began to face the wrath of the older woman, who was walking past with her dog.

The first showed as she approached the tree, dog in tow.

The second clip went on to capture the woman's claims the kids were hanging out in a tree that sat on city property.

The boy child behind the camera, however, held firm and level-headed.

"It is, it's on my friend's property, right there."

The woman, though, dug her heels in.

"Get out of the tree!"
"It belongs to this street and this neighborhood, and we don't want kids on it. Why do you think these poles are there? To help it."

In response, one of the boys informed her his great-grandfather indeed put the poles there.

The child then scurried out of the tree to go bring his grandfather out to speak some sense.

The final clip showed the woman ask the boy behind the camera where he lived.

His response left her sputtering for a response:

"How would you like it if some stranger came up to your kid and asked where they live?"

That, apparently, was the last straw.

Karen walked closer to the trunk of the tree, stared into the camera, and called the kid a "little sh*t."

People on TikTok were plain exhausted by Karens ruining even a childhood tradition like tree climbing.




Others were totally impressed by the kid's response to an unknown adult ASKING WHERE HE LIVED.

Make a Asmr request/TikTok




suthern dickinson/TikTok

So it's official, we can almost literally say when Karens choose who to go after, no one is off limits.