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'Christian Karen' Interrupts Teens Dining Out To Tell Them Being Gay Is Wrong Because 'God Told' Her To

'Christian Karen' Interrupts Teens Dining Out To Tell Them Being Gay Is Wrong Because 'God Told' Her To

A so-called "Christian Karen" has left people in total shock after a TikToker named Kaiden uploaded a video showing the woman harassing two teens in a restaurant.

The woman approached the teens out of nowhere to tell them being gay is wrong because, she claimed, God told her to.

Kaiden, who goes by @kalessh on the app, said the woman had been staring at him and his cousin Jordan the entire time they were eating.

Kaiden and his cousin were unnerved enough by the encounter that he captioned his video "I'm shaking [right now]."

The video shows the woman approaching the two teens and asking them a series of very personal questions.

She opened with:

"You go to church anywhere?"

When Kaiden and Jordan both responded with a no, the woman then asked:

"Do you guys know how to get to heaven?"

The teens understandably seemed unnerved.

While Kaiden avoided eye contact, Jordan responded awkwardly that they don't even know this woman, with a voice full of almost pleading discomfort. Christian Karen, acknowledged this, but was undeterred.

She forged ahead with a question that is inappropriate on several levels.

"I know, I know, I just see you guys… You guys aren't, like, girlfriends, are you?"

Kaiden is male, for starters.

More importantly, of course, is the nature of he and Jordan's relationship is none of her business—which Jordan plainly said to "Christian Karen" after telling the woman they are cousins. But "Christian Karen" was undeterred by this too.

She simply forged ahead again with homophobic rhetoric.

"You're right, you're right. But I just wanna let you guys know, because they don't teach you young kids anything about God anymore, that it's just not the right way to live."

She then stipulated she's not trying to "force" her opinion on them.

But as Jordan pointed out, the woman approached them—two kids, without their parents present—"out of nowhere" in a restaurant to tell them homosexuality is wrong. It's kind of the definition of overstep, at the very least.

But, once again, Christian Karen had a justification for her behavior—and a deeply unnerving one:

"God told me to come over and talk to you guys."

Many of Kaiden's fellow TikTokers were horrified by the encounter.











Kaiden's encounter with the "Christian Karen" has definitely struck a chord: The video, including a second version with captions, has received nearly five million likes and generated more than 100,000 comments.