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Transphobic Christian Pastor Can Not Even If Dr. Pepper 'Turns Out' To Be A Woman 'This Whole Time'

In a bizarre rant, Pastor Tommy McMurtry of Liberty Baptist Church in Rock Falls, Illinois, claimed that he would stop drinking Dr. Pepper if the soda brand's doctorate belonged to a woman instead of a man, as he always believed.

Screenshot of Tommy McMurtry at pulpit

Bud Light has seen a lot of conservative transphobic backlash since their single campaign with Dylan Mulvaney.

Transphobia is everywhere lately, and unsurprisingly Evangelical Christians are helming the ship.

One in particular is Baptist Pastor Tommy McCurtryof Liberty Baptist Church in Rock Falls, Illinois.

In a recent sermon, Pastor McCurtry stated:

“It’s 2023 and this [trans slur] stuff is everywhere. And it’s absolutely revolting.”

Despite his Bud Light outrage, McCurtry claims he doesn’t drink alcohol.

But the minister does drink Dr. Pepper and during the same sermon his transphobic ideations quickly and bizarrely spiraled into misogyny.

McCurtry exclaimed:

“Dr. Pepper?"
"You know whatever, if Dr. Pepper turns out this whole time was a woman—I always thought it was a guy—I’ll quit drinking it, right there.”

You can watch his comments here:

People everywhere were… confused.

But Pastor McCurtry had the perfect wrap up for his latest rant.

“We must be Godly if we’re going to be a good minister of Christ.”

Nothing like tops off a bunch of hate speech as well as that.