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The Trailer For Jordan Peele's New 'Twilight Zone' Series Just Dropped And It Looks Scary AF

The Trailer For Jordan Peele's New 'Twilight Zone' Series Just Dropped And It Looks Scary AF

The original Twilight Zone went off the air in 1964, but, in a way, its chilling influence never really left us. On Thursday, February 21, a trailer for CBS's reboot of the classic sci-fi anthology series premiered online and it promises to scare the living daylights out of viewers.

The Twilight Zone - Official Trailer | CBS All

Like the original series, the new Twilight Zone will follow a new storyline each episode. While the trailer hinted at a few of them, the biggest reveal from the 30-second spot was the all-star cast which includes "Kumail Nanjiani, Sanaa Lathan, Steven Yeun, Adam Scott, John Cho, and more."

Jordan Peele, the writer and director of Get Out, was hesitant to come on as Executive Producer/Host of the new series because he's such a massive fan of Rod Sterling.

In the end, however, Peele decided the best way to honor the original series' legacy was to continue it:

"The realization, for me, was that it was an opportunity to attempt to continue with Sterling's mission. If we approach it without ego and sort of bow to Sterling, that will hopefully suffice for our fellow Twilight Zone fans, but also bring back a show that I think is needed right now. Because it's a show that has always helped us look at ourselves, hold a mirror up to society."

Fans were beyond amped to return to The Twilight Zone.

The perfect cast and crew will be coming together to put a chill in all our hearts.

On April 1st, fans will step through a door on CBS All Access.

"When truth is not the truth, what dimension are you even in?"

The Twilight Zone - Super Bowl Promo | Extended