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The Trailer For 'The Little Mermaid' Horror Film Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

The Trailer For 'The Little Mermaid' Horror Film Is Pure Nightmare Fuel
Walt Disney Pictures

The number of oncoming Disney live action remakes can make you forget which ones are planned or in development.

Aladdin is next right?

Maybe it's The Lion King?

Or maybe you see a trailer for a live action The Little Mermaid and think "Oh that must be it."

But you are wrong.

You are so very wrong.

The Little Mermaid Official Horror Trailer [2019] HD Movie

The trailer starts with a young couple heading towards "Mermaid Cove." As they explore a cave, the girl finds a fork, or a "dinglehopper" and looks concerned.

"Does somebody live here?"

The young man she's with hears singing and is drawn further in. As they approach a pool, they see a head poking out of the water with bright red hair…

I'm out.

If you accidentally stumbled upon this trailer for The Little Mermaid, you have seen the work of Rachel Levin, a YouTuber known for her Princess parody videos and fashion advice.

However, she's decided to move in a different direction.

After years of seeing how the Disney Princesses would interact at a pool party, or who would be the diva of the high school, she's decided to make new series of parodies, Disney Horror Princesses.

It's a pretty fun watch!

The parody was made with Levin and her boyfriend Tyler Regan. She also released a behind the scenes showing how she made the film, along with bloopers.

While Disney will likely not make their live action adaption so scary, it is interesting to see a different take on their property. And if Disney does try it, it looks like there's plenty of interest in the project to make it a success.