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The Intense, Star-Studded Trailer For 'Black Mirror' Season 5 Just Dropped, And Fans Are Living For It

Black Mirror/Netflix, @zlorious/Twitter

Netflix fans, the official trailer for Season 5 of Black Mirror appeared early Wednesday, and it's intense.

For those out of the loop, Black Mirror is a recurring show on Netflix, modeled somewhat in the tone of The Twilight Zone, though with contemporary concerns, such as love, technology, and privacy.

Every season of the show is its own mini-series, ranging from three episodes to six episodes per season.

The Season 5 trailer follows the familiar themes of the show, love and neglect, though the season involves a particularly appealing twist in its casting of an important member of the Marvel Avengers universe (Anthony Mackie), the villain of DC's Aquaman (Yahya Abdul-Mateen), and singer and songwriter, Miley Cyrus.

Now that it's public, Black Mirror fans are going wild, exchanging theories, sharing in their excitement, and of course, questioning how they never saw this development coming.

First, many heads are turning at this season's casting choices.

For others, the importance is in how much they have to work with for their next Netflix-binge.

No matter what their concerns may be, the consensus is this: more Black Mirror is coming, and however brief, that is a very, very good thing.

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