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Toxic 'Star Wars' Fans Are Predictably Livid After Novel Seemingly Confirms Obi-Wan Is Bisexual

Toxic 'Star Wars' Fans Are Predictably Livid After Novel Seemingly Confirms Obi-Wan Is Bisexual

The subset of diehard Star Wars fans who bemoan the "woke" characters and storylines originating from an inclusive standpoint is about to go ballistic over yet another new development within the vast franchise that is otherwise bringing anticipated jubilation.

A new spin-off novel exploring Obi-Wan Kenobi's sexuality is the latest point of contention voiced by the "toxic" Star Wars fandom, a demographic primarily comprised of homophobic, cisgender heterosexual white males.

Padawan is a young adult novel entering the Star Wars canon written by Kiersten White.

The most talked about passage from the novel that was just released on July 26 includes a scene in which a teenage Kenobi–who is apprenticing under Qui-Gon Jinn to become a Jedi knight–discusses topics such as romance and kissing with a boy named Casul.

In the book, Casul tells Kenobi–who is indifferent about romantic relationships:

“I don’t think love is in my future, either, and I’m fine with that. As long as I have the Power to keep my family safe, that’s enough for me."
"Though I will admit I’ve been curious about kissing and why Audj and Zae-Brii enjoy it so much. So if you’re ever curious, too, let me know.”

Kenobi blushes in response, and tells Casul:

“I will. Let you know, I mean. Not that I will do that, right now, with you. Or anyone.”

Twitter user @ewansobi gleefully shared their findings suggesting the character of Kenobi could be interpreted as being on the asexual/aromantic spectrum or bisexual.

The ambiguous Kenobi goes on to say:

"I would never want to be in a relationship with a leader ... I'm sure if I ever fell in love it would be with someone calm. Peaceful. Easy to get along with."


Another part of the book suggested that Kenobi wanted to be like a certain group of people as opposed to wanting to be romantically linked to them, adding, "Or maybe he wanted to kiss all of them."


@ewansobi added that the character with whom Kenobi was having these conversations identified with he/him pronouns.

The revelation left toxic fans unhinged.

For those who can't seem to grasp the relevance of Kenobi's sexuality, it has less to do with significant plot advancement and more to do with representation for a marginalized audience.

The fact that Kenobi might be canonically LGBTQ+ had many fans cheering for a historical turning point.

In the animated Clone Wars, series, Kenobi does canonically have a love interest in Mandalorian duchess Satine Kryze.

Although they have never been seen being physically affectionate together, they have declared their love for each another. Some fans have even speculated that Kryze’s “nephew” is their secret lovechild.

But Kenobi's new sexual identity would not negate his feelings for Kryze, despite angry fans arguing it wouldn't be possible for him to still have feelings for her under this new piece of information.

They clearly don't understand the concept of bisexuality or they are too blinded by their homophobic rage to stop and think.

One Twitter user thought the speculation was obvious.

Some even thought his sexual identity was already written in the stars.

Jedi sexuality has long been a divided topic among hardcore fans as Jedi are known to be forbidden from "attachment."

However, the franchise creator, George Lucas, has clarified that despite their monastic regime, Jedi were allowed to engage in sex.

"Jedi Knights aren't celibate," he revealed in an interview around the time of the Star Wars prequel trilogy–particularly, Episode II – Attack of the Clones, which came out in 2002.

"The thing that is forbidden is attachments - and possessive relationships," Lucas confirmed.