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Realtor Calls Out Woman's Ad Seeking A Renter Who Has To Share A Bed With Her For $900 A Month

Realtor and TikToker Anya Ettinger put the woman's post on blast after seeing her ad seeking a renter for a 'shared bedroom' in Toronto which involves sharing a queen-sized bed with her.

Realtor Calls Out Woman's Ad Seeking A Renter Who Has To Share A Bed With Her For $900 A Month

Rising housing prices have made finding a rental situation difficult for many, and unique solutions are popular. Living with parents, crashing on a friend's couch, and other traditional and not-so-traditional arrangements have become increasingly common. But a recent rental ad in Toronto had people scratching their heads at the stipulations that came with it.

Toronto. $900/mo CAD (~$650USD). Sharing a room...and a queen-sized bed. Yes, sharing a queen bed with your would-be landlord, who said in the ad that this arrangement "had worked before."

People were incredulous about the advertised “shared bedroom in a lake-facing downtown condo," which Toronto realtor Anya Ettinger called "unhinged" in a TikTok video, sending it to virality.


just when you thought the Toronto rental market couldn’t get any worse, it did. Someone is trying to rent out a space in their queen sized bed in a downtown condo for $900/mo. And the worst part is that someone is actually going to rent this… SEND HELP #rentalmarket #roomrental #torontorentals #rentalcrisis #realestatefail

For starters, people wondered if the arrangement was legal.



Some pointed out other ridiculous elements of the ad.



Folks doubted the worth of this kind of living situation.



People came up with solutions like bunk beds, or even multiple bunk beds, at that.



Some people thought it was more than just an innocent ad for a regular tenant.





Really, it's a commentary on the state of housing, especially in bigger cities like Toronto.


Here's an interesting take on bed sharing.


Keep on searching, then, if you want housing that includes your own bed!