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Comic Book Author Uses People Dumping On A Photo Of His Young Son Admiring Captain Marvel To Give A Powerful Reminder

Comic book author Tom Taylor—who has written for Injustice, Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men, and many more—posted a picture of his son admiring a poster for the new Captain Marvel movie on Twitter.

The adorable image quickly went viral!

A couple of days later, Taylor returned to Twitter. Apparently, after posting the photo, sexist critics of Captain Marvel had begun using the image to try and portray the film as belittling towards men.

The author wouldn't stand for this, and began a new thread with a message to the movie's detractors:

Tearing down a movie because it stars a woman is exactly what your favorite heroes would fight against.

Being a fan of one thing, like DC's Shazam (sometimes known as Captain Marvel himself) doesn't mean you have to be attacking Marvel's Captain Marvel.

If anyone has the understanding of both characters to arbitrate this argument, it's Taylor.

Many on Twitter sounded off in support of Taylor's message of tolerance.

Many others also posted pictures of the positive impact Captain Marvel made on their children!

Many young boys and girls love the new, awesome superhero, regardless of her gender.

Having strong females represented in movies doesn't mean men are being attacked.

Let people enjoy what they enjoy.

At the end of the day, it looks like Captain Marvel's haters are just going to have to cool it. The movie drew in $455 million its opening weekend, making it a bonafide blockbuster.

Carol Danvers will almost be certainly be returning for a sequel, which most people are very eager to see!