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Twitter Erupts Over Video Of Tom Brady Tossing Super Bowl Trophy To Another Boat During Boat Parade

Twitter Erupts Over Video Of Tom Brady Tossing Super Bowl Trophy To Another Boat During Boat Parade

Super Bowl champion Tom Brady has sent Twitter into a flurry after a recent video captured him launching the Lombardi Trophy—given to each year's Super Bowl winning team—from his boat over a gap of water and into another boat.

There were plenty of hot takes on the rough-housing, but more than a few felt he earned the chance to be silly.

The already legendary NFL quarterback began his career as a New England Patriot and remained there for 20 seasons, notching 6 Super Bowl victories along the way.

Then, ahead of the 2020-2021 season, Brady hopped down the coast to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the franchise's starting QB. It was a high profile move that drew criticism, accusations of betrayal, and, of course, delight from Floridians.

Whatever the chatter, Brady kept his eyes on the prize. He nailed down his seventh Super Bowl win last weekend.

Needless to say, Brady felt it was time to take a load off.

He brought his own multi-million dollar yacht to the Buccaneers' celebratory boat parade along the Hillsborough River, which brought all kinds of vessels onto the water for a day of drinking, hooting and hollering under the Florida sun.

Apparently, Brady got a bit swept up in all the fun and he heaved the Lombardi Trophy from the bow of his yacht into the waiting arms of a raucous crowd waiting in another boat nearby, giving him a 100% career completion rate for boat play.

A quick-thinking bystander caught the whole thing on video.

People on Twitter loved to imagine things going very differently.

A few people took note seven Super Bowl wins seems to affect a person's reverence for the trophy.

But others couldn't help but notice a glaring lack of pandemic precautions.

Another clip from the same day illustrated alcohol played a role in the bold boat-to-boat toss.

Brady was seen staggering off the dock.

Brady had zero shame whatsoever about his drunken stagger.

He tweeted it was all caused by avocado tequila.

Clearly, the Brady experiment in Tampa Bay has been a smashing success. They have the boats and trophy to prove it.