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Lightning Strike Causes Florida Couple's Toilet To Explode, Sending Shards Flying 'Like A Missile'

NBC2 News/YouTube

A toilet exploded after its owner's septic tank was struck by lightning, according the plumber who inspected the damage.

The toilet blew into hundreds of pieces, leaving its owners without a place to do their business or any plumbing after the explosion at her home in Port Charlotte, Florida, this weekend.

Charlotte County couple learns why not to go to the bathroom during a thunderstorm

“It used to be our toilet. We have nothing now," Marylou Ward told WINK News.

A-1 Affordable Plumbing were called to the house. They said that lightning struck the septic tank and ignited the natural gas that had built up in the pipes.

The company posted on Facebook:

No more pooping while it's storming outside.
Lightening struck this home owners septic tank, igniting the methane gas (natural gas from sewer) in the sewer pipes and causing an explosion. The toilet exploded in home owners master bathroom sending porcelain airborne like a missile (the porcelain penetrated into wall).
Most likely all sewer piping will need to be replaced and septic tank. luckily no one was hurt! Scheduling a camera inspection this week to see how much sanitary pipe needs to be replaced!!"

Ward said the explosion was the loudest that she had ever heard, but she was thankful nobody had been hurt in the incident.

“I'm just glad none of us were on the toilet," she told WINK. “That's the main thing."