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Tired Students Reveal Exactly Why You Should Double-Check Your Essay Titles

Twitter: @silentbum

Writing can be difficult under the best of circumstances, but when you're an exhausted student at the end of a very long semester, it's easy to make it's easy to make embarrassingly obvious oversights. For instance, many witty students put place-holder titles at the top of unfinished papers that are a little bit less than appropriate. These students were so worn out by their assignment's due dates that they forgot to swap their honest headings for more suitable ones.

In fact, this happens so often Professors feel the need to warn students about it.

Many of these titles play host to some "colorful" language.

And if a student DOES happen to miss their little mistake, teachers aren't likely to let them forget it again.

If you've ever been guilty of an accident like this, just know you're in good company!

H/T - Twitter, Getty Images