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Viral TikTok Of A Group Of Young Women Waking OJ Simpson Up At 1AM To Go Party Is Weirding Everyone Out

Viral TikTok Of A Group Of Young Women Waking OJ Simpson Up At 1AM To Go Party Is Weirding Everyone Out

Many people have been left deeply uncomfortable after a video went viral showing young women waking up O.J. Simpson in the wee hours of the morning to go party.

The video was posted to TikTok by Andrew Silverman, a former University of Miami baseball player and owner of a sports memorabilia company who is believed to be a close friend of Simpson's.

The video shows three young women who appear to be in their 20s going into a room where a shirtless Simpson is sleeping and yelling to wake him up while a male voice presumed to be Silverman's announces that it's "party time."

Silverman has since deleted the TikTok, but a download of it remains on Twitter after being posted by The George Lucas Talk Show producer Patrick Cotnoir. See it below.

The video shows at least five women congregated in Simpson's room as he is awakened and the voice presumed to be Silverman's yells:

"Let's goooo! It's party time, in the house!"

At another point one of the young women giggles and chants:

"Wakey wakey, eggs over steak-y!"

The video is creepy and unsettling for multiple reasons, not least of which are the 50-ish year age difference between Simpson and the young women and the fact that several of them are of similar appearance to Simpson's slain ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

Simpson, of course, was accused of murdering Brown Simpson in 1994, along with her friend Ron Goldman. He was acquitted, but is widely believed to have committed the murders and has frequently spoken and written about the event as if he did.

And though he was infamously acquitted in his criminal case, a civil jury found him guilty in 1997 and awarded the Brown family $33.5 million in damages.

On Twitter, people found the video deeply unsettling.

This is the second unsettling appearance by O.J. Simpson online in the couple weeks after he posted a video commenting on the Will Smith/Chris Rock slap at the Oscars wherein he claimed if he had done what Will Smith did he would be in prison.

Oh, the irony.