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Woman Calls Cops On Driver And Blocks Her In Parking Lot After She Accidentally Ran A Red Light

Woman Calls Cops On Driver And Blocks Her In Parking Lot After She Accidentally Ran A Red Light

A woman who witnessed a traffic violation took it upon herself to punish the female driver who ran a red light by trapping her in a parking lot until the police arrived.

And even though she found out the violation was an accident spurred on by distressing family news, the woman lacked empathy.

Cricket Davis, a.k.a. TikToker, said she found out her mother had a heart attack through her Bluetooth speaker and completed a left turn on a red light while in her state of distress.

When she pulled into a parking lot to meet her awaiting husband, Davis found a car pulled up behind her and blocked the driveway.

The woman, who was the passenger of that vehicle driven by a man, informed Davis she was not leaving until Davis was given a ticket for the violation they witnessed.

A clip Davis posted on TikTok showing the woman talking to arriving police went viral with over 683,000 views.

while driving, I got a call that my mom had a heart attack, this Karen didn't care#karen #karensgoingwild #karen #karensoftiktok #fyp #karens

The video Davis posted began with her explaining the woman and the driver were blocking her in and holding her there until the police arrived to make sure she was given a traffic ticket.

Social media users were outraged and also offered their sympathies for Davis' mother.

In a follow-up video, Davis explained she was processing the sudden news about her mother as she was in the left turn lane at an intersection. Her panic was exacerbated by the fact she was driving a stick shift, which she said was something she wasn't used to.

After snapping out of her shock, Davis realized she was still in the intersection when the light turned red.

Having nowhere else to go, she completed the turn after managing to switch into first gear.

Davis then pulled into the parking lot where she met up with her husband who was already aware of the news. Her brother arrived later.

Davis recalled of her interaction with the woman, whose name was Ashley:

"This girl pulls up behind me, and she was at that intersection when I made the wrong left turn—not fast enough left turn—and she gets out of her car."

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An emotional Davis said Ashley and her husband informed her she had broken the law. They proceeded to tell her she was going to jail and was getting a ticket.

They also told Davis they weren't allowing her to leave until the officers arrived to give her a traffic citation.

"It was just so crazy," said Davis.

"I begged her. I told her what was going on. I immediately apologized."'

After explaining about her mother's situation and repeatedly apologizing for the traffic violation, Ashley allegedly told Davis that "she didn't want a sorry'." She just wanted her to get a ticket.

Davis later confirmed in the comments her mother was in stable condition.

She also said her mother cried when she showed her all the comments from strangers who were praying for her. "She is scared. We are scared," Davis wrote in the comments.

Davis added officers did not issue her a ticket for a violation they did not witness.