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Woman's Story About Being Stalked By Man Who She Went On Two Dates With Is Truly Horrifying

TikToker @dasiadoesit revealed how her life turned into a nightmare after a man she went on two dates with stalked her every day for months.

TikTok screenshots of @dasiadoesit

People on TikTok had no idea what they were in for when @dasiadoesit stitched with a video asking:

"What is one small unimportant decision you made that changed the whole trajectory of your life?"

While most people roll their eyes at a 10-minute creation, viewers of this wild account were glued from beginning to end as @dasiadoesit explained how just two dates with a man turned her life into a nightmare after he began stalking her every single day for months.

The creator shared that she went on a couple of dates with a guy and she let him know she just wasn't feeling it.

And that was that.

For about a month and a half anyway.

@dasiadoesit explained in her viral video that apparently her date decided after about six weeks that he wasn't okay with her decision.

According to the TikToker, the man started texting her "hundreds of times a day" telling her that he was "a good man and deserved a chance."

But things escalated even further when he said he was going to raid her home and then began sending her pictures from outside her house.

So, she filed police reports.

But her stalker told her it was a "stupid idea" and even sent her photos of her filing the actual police reports.


But it gets wilder.

The man began talking to her neighbors and even her friends on social media, posing as her boyfriend, to get information, so eventually, @dasiadoesit became isolated.

Even after restraining orders were filed, he ignored process servers, so nothing was ever done...except for him taking pictures of notes servers left for him and sending them to @dasiadoesit.

The creator not only had to move but also went through several jobs over the course of this ordeal because the loss of sleep she was experiencing affected her work. She said on the first day of one of her jobs, she even fell asleep standing up.

This stalker kept trying, though, even sending her messages posing as her previous landlord in an attempt to grab her IP address and also in hopes of learning where her forwarded mail was sent.

After many more threats, @dasiadoesit finally got a detective assigned to her case, and she felt safe for a while....

That is until she registered to vote, making her address public information.

Once her stalker found out her new address, the very anti-gun @dasiadoesit considered getting a firearm.

She explained that just before she was born, her father was shot and paralyzed while sitting in his car "minding his own business."

"And so I literally had to swallow the distaste I had for firearms because I hated them."
"I felt like they took my father's legs away."
"They took my childhood away."

@dasiadoesit also noted she resents the fact that she had to buy a firearm to protect herself.

"We should just have better laws to actually protect people."

Eventually the man started showing up outside her home, banging on the door and ringing the doorbell incessantly.

This is 7 months after their TWO dates.

Even though @dasiadoesit would call the police when he came to her residence, he would always manage to dodge them when they arrived.

After about 9 months of daily harassment, the TikToker heard nothing for a couple of weeks, which she noted was almost more frightening.

She began sleeping with a chair lodged against the door because "if he came for me then I needed a couple of seconds."

And then it happened.

One night, he kicked in her door.

"I remember just grabbing my firearm off the table. And I wasn't angry, I wasn't upset. I had just made a decision that it's either him or it's me."
"And I choose me."

So, she shot him. And then he disappeared.

She immediately called the police, and 30 minutes later, they found him hiding in the bushes.

You can watch the insane recollection below.


#stitch with @Amy Elizabeth #greenscreen so yall ask, "how do you get the courage to do xyz" unfortunately it wasnt #selfhelptok it was someone feeling entitled to my life and having to stand up for myself when literally no one else would #stalking #storytime #chooseyourself #blackgirltiktok #blacktiktok #blackgirltraveltok #blacktiktokpartner

Viewers of the TikTok were absolutely in shock over this real-life Lifetime Original.

Many also commented on the creator's bravery and were relieved she got through such a terrifying situation.

@dasiadoesit posted a couple of follow-up videos to answer some questions.

In the first, she explained "something wild," which is that her stalker is not even in prison.

"So, he keeps getting sentenced to these work replacement camps instead of actual prison."

She revealed he was out on parole and apparently "did the same thing to someone else" in 2019 and got a 15-year sentence.


Replying to @sarahmcdonald012 sounds about white actually when i think about it #stalking

Another commenter asked if @dasiadoesit regrets not just "ending" him so there wouldn't be anymore victims.

The creator noted that many people do tell her they would have "emptied the magazine," but she always remembered "you are responsible for all the rounds that come out of your firearm."

"It never really left my mind that there were children who lived below me and that there was a family that lived across from me."
"...I shot enough times to stop him from what he was doing."

You can watch below.

WARNING: NSFW language


Replying to @Mr Flores771 i hate that he has more victims, but i dont think i could live with myself if i had unintentionally created victims while trying to save myself #gunownership #blackgirltiktok #blacktiktokpartner #selfdefense #stalkingawareness #stalking

That is the most unhinged response imaginable to the posed TikTok question, but we are so relieved to know that the creator is safe.