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Florida Cop Stops Pregnant Woman In Pain From Going To ER For Honking After He Blocked Entrance

Florida Cop Stops Pregnant Woman In Pain From Going To ER For Honking After He Blocked Entrance
WPLG Local 10/YouTube

A man in Doral, Florida tried to get his pregnant wife to a hospital, but was stopped by a Miami-Dade Police Officer. Now the department is launching an internal affairs investigation.

It started with Kevin Enciso, trying to get his wife, Sabrina to the emergency room on July 28th. He was taking her there after she was in a car accident the previous day and was experiencing pain while pregnant.

As they pulled up to the hospital, two police cars block the emergency room entrance. Enciso honked at them, which led to police confronting him.

From there, things escalated.

The officer, who gave his name as Daniels, turned the encounter into a traffic stop. He ordered Enciso out of the vehicle and then turned it off in the 100-degree weather.

Sabrina tried to explain they were trying to get to the hospital because she was in pain. Officers ordered her out of the car too.

Once she exited, an officer commented:

“Oh, so you’re okay now.”

Sabrina responded:

“Right now, no."
"I’m having a lot of pain.”

The whole situation was frustrating just to watch, people can’t imagine what it’d feel like to be in it.

After their insistence they needed to get to the hospital, Officer Daniels decided to call fire rescue.

Despite their insistence they were just a few hundred feet from the emergency room, the officer held them there until emergency services arrived anyway.

After the paramedic took Sabrina’s blood pressure, which her husband says was skyrocketing, the couple were free to go to the ER.

The entire time, Officer Daniels assured the Encisos his supervisor was on the way. He never arrived.

The incident had people wondering why this was allowed to happen.

The couple were eventually let go and are able to get the attention they need at the hospital, a visit that alone took several hours. Since then, the Enciscos have filed a formal complaint and asserted their civil rights were violated.

Miami-Dade Police have said they are aware of the video, and opened an internal affairs investigation.