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Woman Successfully Pranks Her Confused Fiancé Into Thinking It Was Actually Christmas On Easter

Woman Successfully Pranks Her Confused Fiancé Into Thinking It Was Actually Christmas On Easter

So you say you're burned out after a year-plus of pandemic living and no longer have any sense of time. Okay, sure, who among us!

But are you so fried that you actually confused Easter for Christmas? That's what happened to one TikToker's fiance after she successfully pranked him into thinking this past weekend was time for Yuletide cheer.

And people are laughing out loud at the video of her dazed fiance contemplating his broken brain.

@kenzielynnsmith He asked me to take him to the hospital😩 ##fyp ##foryou @jakemaldonado @conejones
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TikToker Mackenzie Lynn's caption on the video sums up just how successful her prank was on her fiance:

"He asked me to take him to the hospital"


In the video, Mackenzie shows off all the stops she pulled out to convince her fiance it was Christmas and not Easter. She put up a Christmas tree, complete with presents underneath. She decorated the whole house in fact, hanging stockings by the fireplace and wreaths and garlands all over the place.

She even got into her fiance's iPhone and changed his lock screen so it would read December 25. And as her fiance emerged bedraggled and bewildered from their bedroom that morning, it was this that seemed to really sell the prank to him. He pulled his phone out, looked at it, and simply stared into space in confusion.

At this point, Mackenzie, committing to the bit, said with concern:

"I'm getting worried about you."

Her and her fiance's roommate got in on the gag too, patting her fiance on the back as he came through the kitchen and wishing him a hearty "Merry Christmas, bro."

Mackenzie's fellow TikTokers could not stop laughing at her hapless fiance's bewildered response to this ultimate gaslighting.











So there you go: If you're looking for next year's April Fool's Day prank for your significant other, TikTok's got you covered.