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Video Of TikToker Asking Wealthy Woman What She Does For A Living Goes Viral For Her Hilariously Telling Answer


A TikTok video by user @itsdanielmac is going viral on Twitter after a very wealthy woman's hilarious and ironic answer to his question gained the internet's attention.

He asked the woman, as she stepped out of a Maserati:

"What do you do for a living?"

Clearly confused, she asked:

"What do you mean?"

After @itsdanielmac repeated the question, she simply answered:

"I'm married, why?"

People are noting how she seemed confused by the very concept of work Itself, as if she'd never engaged with it.

She answered politely and with no idea of what her answer was. Iconic.

User @itsdanielmac has dedicated his entire TikTok channel to asking luxury car owners what they do for a living, while noting the kind of car in the subtitles of his video.

Though one video had a woman literally say she "smuggles drugs across the border," none have gone as viral or is as certified iconic as "I'm married, why?"

Ma'am, you're doing great.

We all aspire to be you at least for one day.