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Stunned IHOP Customer Answers Phone After Discovering Entire Staff Seemingly Quit Mid-Shift


A customer at an IHOP went viral on TikTok after walking through the kitchen to find everyone had quit. The video from the Chattanooga, Tennessee restaurant has 4.8 million views and 965.8 thousand likes.

The text over the video said:

"The whole shift quit IHOP."


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The video was posted by TikToker @dj20grand at the end of July, which is one a series of mass quits from low wage employees across the U.S. during a wage shortage.

@dj20grand stalked around the empty kitchen and said:

"I don't know where the f*ck everybody at."
"I'm just trying to make a god damn order."

There was no one at any station, including the managers office. Then the phone starts ringing, so he goes back there to answer it.

He said:

"Thank you for calling IHOP, how you doing?"
"Nah, I don't even work here..."
"Everybody walked the f*ck out."
"I'm dead the f*cking serious, I don't know where nobody at. I'm finna to start grabbing bacon."

Suddenly, someone, supposedly the manager, appears in the doorway asking why the TikToker was in his office.

He leaves while there's three people waiting in the lobby for a table, not knowing no one is there to seat them or take their order.

People were laughing in the comments over how ridiculous the situation, and his reaction to it, really was.







@cappuccino1980/TikTok; @dj20grand/TikTok






It comes at no surprise that thousands of workers are quitting across the country to find better work with higher pay and greater working conditions. The question is, what will corporate employers do about it?