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Customers Spark Debate After Getting Revenge On Driver Who Parked 'Like An A-Hole' In Viral TikTok

Customers Spark Debate After Getting Revenge On Driver Who Parked 'Like An A-Hole' In Viral TikTok

It's a thing most of us have dreamed of at one point or another: getting revenge on an person who double-parked their fancy car as if they're the only one in the entire parking lot who matters.

For a bunch of customers at a grocery store in Massachusetts, the decision was made that this revenge dream should come true.

When a person double-parked their Mercedes outside the store, several customers fought back by putting their shopping carts all around it until it was surrounded by a veritable wall of the things.

A TikToker documented the Mercedes owner's comeuppance and posted it on the platform, where it drew both applause and criticism from both sides of the issue.

See the video below.


this is what happens when your park like an ass #fyp #foryoupage #trending #comedy #massachusetts

The TikToker who captured the moment, who goes by @johnnymarocco on the app, captioned his video with a warning:

"This is what happens when you park like an A-hole."

And boy did the people of this particular store clap back.

The video shows a late model Mercedes surrounded by a gazillion shopping carts as a guy writes messages on the pavement around the car in chalk. One reads, "It's not a Bentley." Another reads "Douchebag parking" with an arrow pointing at the Mercedes.

Perhaps most clap-backy of all, right under the Mercedes bumper, someone wrote "small penis."

Marocco clarified in the comments he had nothing to do with the incident and was just a witness as he was walking through the parking lot. He described it as a group effort.

As he put it in a comment:

“[E]veryone that came out of the store that went to return their carts would add theirs in front of the car.”

It's so nice when citizens all work together, isn't it?

Many of Marocco's fellow TikTokers absolutely loved this act of revenge.






But others thought the people involved went way, way too far.






For what it's worth, the local cops seemed to think it was all a bit much too--they showed up to the scene, though Marocco reported they didn't do anything to the avenger with the chalk.