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Dad Gifts DNA Kit To His Daughter Only To Have Her Discover Her Real Dad Is A Billionaire Family Friend

Dad Gifts DNA Kit To His Daughter Only To Have Her Discover Her Real Dad Is A Billionaire Family Friend

Sure, DNA kits may be a fun way to explore your heritage, but what happens when they reveal your dad isn't actually your dad?

That's what a woman claimed happened to her. Cat McDonald was gifted a DNA test kit by her dad—or who she thought was her dad—only to find out her actual dad is a billionaire family friend.


McDonald, who goes by @fretlessfeline on TikTok, uploaded her story to the platform, and it has people gasping.

@fretlessfeline ##stitch with @meezersqueezer This is the first time I have said this on the internet and my soul just sighed. ##fyp ##Ancestry ##ancestrydna
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In the video, McDonald explained her father recently gave her entire family DNA testing kits for Christmas.

McDonald's family claims Irish ancestry, and with a name like McDonald and a head full of red hair, this all seemed reasonable to Cat for the entirety of her life.

Until, that is, she got her DNA test results back.

"Turns out, I'm 75% Norwegian, and the rest is like German and British, and there's zero Irish."

Amid the confusion, McDonald got her Dad on the phone and searched the DNA testing site for a paternal match, and she quickly found one who matched 100%—it just wasn't the Dad she'd known all her life.

In a follow-up video, McDonald detailed how her family responded to this unexpected news. Unsurprisingly, upon being confronted with this revelation, her mother and aunts were "f'king shook."

Especially because her biological father's name rang a bell to both of her parents.

"...even my dad recognized the name. Apparently, he was an old family friend."

And as if that weren't enough, the story gets even crazier from here.

"So, I Googled this dude's name. And he's a billionaire. He's the CEO for a major company, and his three daughters work for him."

So McDonald did the only natural thing.

"And naturally, like the unstable millennial that I am, I drive halfway across the country to his corporate office."

McDonald claimed she attempted to deliver a letter to the man, but when he heard her name he refused to meet with her.

The plot thickens!

Naturally, McDonald's fellow TikTokers were shocked by this wild story.











Of course, the internet never hesitates and never misses.

Several of McDonald's fellow TikTokers have claimed to have figured out who her biological father is. The resemblance between him and McDonald is rather striking.

Seems like we might be hearing more about this story soon!