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This Video Of Ben Carson Thinking A Congresswoman Is Talking About Cookies Instead Of Foreclosure Is Cringey AF

@RepKatiePorter/Twitter, @SecretaryCarson/Twitter

No, this isn't an Onion article.

Ben Carson has shown he can be a little.....confused when it comes to politics.

In a hearing with Representative Katie Porter, Senator Carson was quizzed on his knowledge of an REO- that being a type of foreclosure- and Carson seemed to think she was talking about Oreos, the sandwich cookie.

We can't make this s&$t up.

Congresswoman Porter posted the video on her Twitter on May 21st, allowing all of social media to collectively cringe.

REO is an acronym for real estate owned, and refers to a class of property owned by a lender, usually a government-owned agency or bank. Apparently, this was news to Carson.

Watching the video is like watching an awkward tennis match. The conversation bounces back and forth between the congresswoman and the representative, and gets more depressing by the word.

"An Oreo?"

"No, not an Oreo, an R-E-O," Porter says with thinly veiled exasperation.

As the conversation continues, we learn even more about Carson's cluelessness. He made guesses as to what the letters stood for.

"Real estate?" asked the senator.

"What does the 'O' stand for?" Porter questioned. Carson then made a wild guess.



Porter goes on to gracefully explain to Carson what, exactly, an REO is.

Unfortunately, Carson still didn't seem to get it, based on a photo he tweeted.

Twitter was quick to criticize Carson, especially after his post was made, shortly after the hearing.

Some are even calling for Carson to resign.

W. Kamau Bell spoke up, delivering scathing words to Senator Carson regarding his ignorance, as well as his sexism towards the congresswoman.

This isn't unheard of coming from Carson, considering the claim he made that pyramids were used to store grain, along with his recent furniture scandal. Unfortunately for us, this isn't news.

Oreo's may be America's favorite cookie, but Carson certainly isn't America's favorite senator.

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